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'The Anniversary Boxed Magic Sets'

 1997 -2017

Time passes all too quickly and the moments we share together are always worthy of celebration… as we approach our twentieth year of making beautiful hand crafted magic we feel that such a landmark in our personal journey is worthy of something special to mark its passing… We are offering a Brand New Commission “The Anniversary Boxed Magic Sets” in celebration of twenty years of ‘Putting Fine Art into Magic’… a Limited One Time Collection of Twenty Sets, one for each of the years we are celebrating… Each Set will be named & numbered and the Certificates of Provenance will be issued with the Owners Name. The anniversary dates will appear on the Issues but in view of the body of work Colin will begin taking pre-orders now …


The Boxes will be ‘jointed’ hardwood with complimentary divisions to separate & display the contents with baize inlay and feature handcrafted wooden hinges ,Clasps & livery * see example photos below. The outside of the box will be stamped with an inlaid polished brass FOH Logo & ‘Magic’ Name Plate…

These are examples of some hand made hinges & Clasps in Ebony made for a previous commission, and the Anniversary Boxed Sets may differ slightly from this illustrated version but they give an idea of the style & aesthetic...


The Magic will be a carefully chosen selection of 20 signature pieces drawn from our Collection and include both Classic & contemporary effects & apparatus, using a complimentary mixture of English hardwoods & exotics with a value of £1500.00GBP…contents may vary slightly in each set however if you have a particular preference on certain items we can offer some choice in the contents making each set slightly more personal and original for the owner…simply contact us with your personal choice...the names allocated to each Magic Set are listed below and when ordering please advise which named set you would like to have... As part of this amazing collectable you also receive a DVD with Colin as the maker demonstrating each of the tricks inside the box...

The Chung Ling Soo                 The Herriman                    The Alexander

The Thurston                            The Maskelyne                  The Blackstone
The Dante                                The Okito                           The Carter
The Kellar                                 The Thayer                        The Harbin
The Houdini                              The Cardini

The Genii                                        The Hoffman

The Germaine                                   The Devant
The Ionia                               The Selbit

Our journey began in 1997 and over the years Colin’s reputation as a maker of fine magic has been firmly established around the world, a vast body of work which has been used in magic performance and held in private collections worldwide…this new Limited Edition celebrates not only the past twenty years of his extraordinary work but ensures that his magic continues in these beautiful boxed sets for you to treasure,use and enjoy…

* Please Note : Shipping will be advised

For further information please... or if you would like to discuss the contents for your Boxed Set,please do not hesitate to contact us...thank you

* April 2018 News Update for 'The Anniversary Boxed Sets'


* We will close off The Anniversary Boxed Sets for Website Ordering for the moment as Colin will be busy with this next ‘run’ for a while, however you can always e-mail me if you would like to pre-order one of these beautiful collectables from the next ‘run’ that Colin will be working on… sales@fiveofheartsmagic.co.uk

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The Best Thing I've Ever Bought...

I recently purchased Colin Rose's Anniversary Boxed Magic Set. With only 20 to eventually be made, I feel extremely lucky to obtain the finest handmade magic set in existence. The workmanship of the box and its contents are of the highest quality--Colin is a master woodworker and every one of the 20 tricks contained in the set are gorgeous. The wooden box itself is a work of art, with jointed corners and wooden hinges and latch. I could not be happier with my purchase. Bravo!

Richard Kaufman :: Feb 21 2018, 05:32 am

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