Stage Edition Tip Over Trunk

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The Tip Over Trunk Illusion (Stage )

The Tip Over Trunk  has been featured in countless Illusion Shows around the World for the last 100 years or so...a simple but clever principle that never fails to delight audiences of all ages. My particular favourite was Richiardi Jnr where he used this illusion to perfection in conjunction with De Kolta's Chair creating one of the most amazing and exciting performances that proved just how great this illusion can be....

Show a large trunk on stage. Turn the trunk around and show it from all sides. Tip the trunk over, open the lid and show the trunk is completely empty. Close the lid and return the trunk to the upright position and out jumps your lovely assistant, guest speaker, or CEO of the company.

*The Illustrated Isssue was a Private Commission and was requested to be in the style of a Georgan Linen has been made from Scandinavian Redwood, the box has been 'jointed' and finished to a very high specification measuring approx 4'x 2.5' x 3'...the inside has been laminated to match the exterior and fitted with chains to support the lid. The bottom edge of the trunk has been fitted with a rolled beading to conceal the hinges, making it possible for this issue to be performed at floor level....

*This Illusion can be commissisoned , size,style & appearance can be altered to requirment
Please Note: List Price is for the basic Unit Only, for special finish and alternative style & design additional charges may apply

*Special Shipping/Handling & Carriage Applies


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