Spirit Slates

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‘Spirit Slates’
By Colin Rose & Scott Penrose

The ability to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive feats goes back a long way, with written accounts of Seers and Oracles in Ancient Greece and even references to such performances in The Old Testament…but it was during the latter half of the 19th century, a number of Spiritualist Mediums began to advocate the use of specialized tools for conducting séances, and means of communicating messages from the ‘other side’… "Spirit Slates" consisted of two chalkboards bound together that, when opened, were said to reveal messages written by spirits…so much of what the Modern Mentalist/Magician performs today can be traced back to an era when Magic Performance and Live Theatre evolved into Entertainment rather than a direct communication with another World…

Today with the upsurge in popularity of Mentalism and with high profile Magicians taking this genre back to Mainstream Theatres, Television and Nationwide Tours we find that many of these ‘Classic Apparatus’ are being re-invented and re-worked for modern day performances.

This particular version has been devised by Scott Penrose in his work as Magical Advisor and Prop Maker to a number of High Profile Magicians and Television Companies throughout the World…using a unique method, which allows you to reveal your message in a completely natural way, without any ‘sleight of hand’ or fumbling in front of your audience with complete confidence…this version allows the Performer to focus completely on his presentation, with the attention to ‘performance detail’ and the level of craftsmanship brought to the project by Colin Rose, these Spirit Slates have a Provenance second to none… fashioned in the style of an old Victorian School Slate made in Mahogany with traditional exposed ‘tile jointing’ to add authenticity and distinction and soft bevelled edges for safe handling…offering the ultimate modern day performance and returning this ‘Classic of Magic’ back to its rightful position as a ‘Must Have’ for any Mentalist Performer today…


Approx Size: Frame 13” x 10”
Writing Area: 11” x 7”

*Presented in Our Signature Corduroy Bag

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