Harbin Table *Briefcase Edition

Product Code: FOH/TC23

‘Harbin’s Table’...Aluminium Case Edition

This iconic table which takes the name from its inventor was devised as a ‘walk on gag’...you need a table and one has not been provided...no problem you are a Magician , suddenly your Briefcase turns into a Table...which guarantees you a rapturous applause and a magical start to your show.

This table was originally made by Colin out of a strong plastic but as with many of our products they evolve and we are now offering this table made from 6mm Clear Perspex, with Silver Spring Hinges & Livery and with an Aluminium Briefcase fixed to the stand...giving the new Edition a Contemporary Look & Feel to it, making it suitable for all kinds of performance venues...

*This is a commissioned item and will be made to order, all of the special tension hinges are hand crafted by Colin.

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