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“GEOMETRIK” By Wayne Dobson

'Harlequin' Card Box

'Jam' Chop Cup

'Mystified' Card Box

Aluminium Block & Tube

Baffle Box

Bottle Through Table Gimmick

Brandy Barrel Chop Cup Combo

Card Box *Steam Punk

Card Box 'Burr' Special Edition

Card Stand (Mahogany)

Card Stand (Yew/Exotic Edition)

Chalice Chop Cup *2nd Edition

Chinese Compass

Cups & Balls Set Purple Heart Edition

Die Stacking Cup/Chop Cup Combo


Dutch Sandwich

Empire Chop Cup

Hopper (Black Edition)

Hopper (Red Edition)


Jumping Spot Card

Large Close up Table

Loose Change

Mini Chop Cup (Burr Elm)

Mini Flash Frame

Mini Smash & Stab

Patrick Page's Magic Paddle

Pocket Close Up Table

Pro-Line Chop Cup *Large

Pro-Line Chop Cup *Medium

Pro-Line Chop Cup *Small

Ring A Ring A Rosie * Pocket Edition

Segmented Chop Cup

Slimline Folded Card in Box

Snapper (Exotic)

Spot Paddles (Exotic)

The 'Ridge' Chop Cup

The 'Titan' Chop Cup

The Anniversary Boxed Magic Sets

The Brandy Barrel Chop Cup

The Cameroon Chop Cup

The Cameroon Cups & Balls Set

The Classic Coin Stand

The De Luxe Close Up Drawer

The Heritage Pocket Tricks (4)

The Imp Bottle

The Monarch Chop Cup

The Monarch Trio

The Victorian Card Stand

Wayne Dobson's $MINE$ (2003 Edition)

Wayne Dobson's Bling

Wayne Dobson's Crystal Clear

Wayne Dobson's Gin & Tonic PLUS+

Wayne Dobson's Invisible Card (From his Lecture)

Wayne Dobson's Teach A Card Trick

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