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We launched ‘Peek A Boo’ not so long ago as the third comedy gimmick designed to bring your ‘Puppet Character Friend to life, by making it seemingly possible for things to happen without the Magician’s knowledge helps to build the relationship between your Puppet and the Children you are entertaining… and ultimately, the magic you do even more entertaining and much stronger and more visual than it would have been otherwise… as with many of our products they evolve usually brought about by Customer Feedback and experiences working in the ‘real world’ and entertaining real children…and Peek A Boo ‘MAX’ has been developed for the next level up…now you can use larger & heavier Puppet Heads (*example shown Axel Gorrilla Head)

‘Peek A Boo’ (Puppet Show)…

Puppets and Children’s Entertainers have always been the perfect partnership… the all important interaction between the Magician and his cheeky assistant becomes the platform on which the show is built...and by adding all ‘the bits of business’ the relationship between the Magician and his assistant becomes all the more believable and so much more fun for the children… this brand new comedy gimmick enables your puppet to play ‘Peek a Boo’ with the Children without the Magician realising by which time the children are going crazy because they have seen ‘Monkey’ several times outwit the Magician…

What is Peek A Boo?

..It is another weird & wonderful gizmo invented by Colin Rose aimed at the Puppeteer and Children’s Entertainer…

It has been designed to help bring your hand puppet to life and most important of all to keep your young audience engaged and screaming out to get your attention when they see something that you don’t… yes it’s an old plot but has it ever failed and let’s face it, children love the old ‘pantomime’ routines.

So it goes up & down... Is that all?

Yes, that’s all but what makes it funny is the fact that it comes up very slowly and then drops out of sight very quickly... hence ‘Peek A Boo’…

A screen of some sort then needs to be placed in front so that the puppet’s head is just out of sight. A simple folding screen can be easily made using a sheet of Mounting Board as used in picture frames (*available in many different colours)…this is a stiff card and can be cut to size to suit the height of your puppet when it is placed in position; alternatively, if you have a fairly deep box and leave the lid open this can also be used…The mechanism has about 3 ½ “ of movement up & down just enough to make the puppet peep over and then disappear again.


Unit Box: Height: 10”

              Width: 6 ¼”

              Depth: 4 ½”

Working Height of The Puppet Arm: 15”

Height with Puppet (Axel Monkey Example) : 17”

Works on 3 x AA Batteries 4 ½ Volts

You receive a turned wooden ‘mushroom’ shaped insert as part of this product which you will need to attach to your Puppet Head …


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