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Colin and Sharron,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank YOU! While I have made only 2 purchases (so far :) ) from you, I have several of your products including the Ornamental Loose Change, Teach a Card Trick, Obedient Ball Compare Set, etc. Your customer service is spectacular! Every time I have contacted you, I have received a quick, and courteous response. Also, the workmanship you provide is bar none. Each piece is of museum quality, making it suitable for both the performer and collector! Lastly the shipping is amazing! I have received my orders from you faster than ones shipped within the US! I am sure that is due to the mail service, but you might as well take the credit for that as well :)

I can not thank you enough for the positive experiences I have had with your company. I am not a full time performer, but rest assured you will be seeing more business from me in the future (Hopefully my wife will let me make another purchase for my Birthday in Sept :) ). Five of Hearts is clearly a great name for you as you truly have your "Heart" invested in every product I have seen!

David Greene
Omaha, NE USA

Balls Up...Latest Customer Testimonial for this Five of Hearts Original!


WOW !!!!   My package just arrived !  I never guessed it would get here so quickly !  The mail service must be out of packages to sort because of the global economy.  I have never had an item arrive from the UK so rapidly. 

Of course, I unpacked this as soon as it arrived.  Where to start ?  OK....First, this effect amazed because it was ready to go right out of the box.  Astounding !  The learning curve on this is literally so simple, my young son could use it with one minute of instruction. 

Second, this is one well-made effect !  It is solid, and looks to be very road worthy.  Good thing, as I do alot of moving in and out of preschools.  It will travel in one of those heavy duty flite cases, so it will be well protected.  However, it is obviously built to last.

Third, BRAVO to the genius behind this effect !  I knew it was a winner when I saw the video on your website, but I had no idea how clever it would be once I actually got to use it.  This thing is absolutely beyond cool !  What an ingenious piece of engineering.  I haven't seen anything like this in years.  It harkens back to a time when mechanical magic was precise, reliable, and not made from plastic. 

Fourth, I cannot thank you enough for not only creating this and releasing it for the magic community, but for shipping it out to me so quickly.  I will be doing business with you again, there is no doubt.

Bless you !

Mark Pettey



Naples, FL   USA banner

Dealer’s “Balls Up” Big Success at Eastbourne
Posted on October 6th, 2008 by John Derris

DESPITE THE CREDIT CRUNCH, SOME DEALERS AT EASTBOURNE scored with the one thousand conventioneers. They were those who demonstrated their wares rather than just standing behind a array of polythene packets with coloured graphics and watching the money walk by. Notably Bob Swadling who works hard to show you what real magic is like by demonstrating all the time, Patrick Page always entertaining and generous with information and Practical Magic with their vast display of children’s and other magic.

But one dealer who really does come up with something good for most conventions and works really hard at getting the punters involved is Colin Rose of Five of Hearts Magic. Former professional magician and master craftsman he creates and makes all the original items on his stand and this year he rang the bell for children’s entertainers with an item called “Balls Up"

Basically it is a stylish aluminium box on a stand and a large size puppet - monkey, puppy or what you will. The puppet and a number of coloured balls are placed in the box and at inappropriate moments during the magician’s patter the balls fly high in the air out of the box, one at a time, causing vocal reaction from the children. Wrapped in a routine whereby the puppet is ostensibly going to find the selected ball, it is a vehicle for sheer pantomime entertainment (it’s behind you etc.) Working children’s magicians recognising a great piece of magic theatre quickly snapped up “Balls Up” and Colin was sold out before the end of the week.

He not only offers the complete set up as described above but for magicians with imaginative presentation ideas he also offers just the gizmo with timer that does all the work that can be introduced into your own container. No wires, no threads, no batteries, completely self -contained and beautifully thought out and constructed in the quality that is the hallmark of magic by Five of Hearts Productions. I don’t do children’s magic but I know  good theatre when I see it. Why not check out the details and see the demo on

*Watch The Video Here

'Balls Up' IBM Favourite.... September 2008

Hello Colin & Sharron,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say many thanks for the props I bought at Eastbourne, and it was good to chat to you both.
The 'Balls Up' prop went into the act immediately and has been creating loads of hysterical laughs from the adults as well as the children - it's brilliant. The little coin box  (Rainbow Baffle Box) has been amazing the children too. I've not used the card frame (Miracle Flash Frame) yet as I want to design a small birthday card that will magically appear with the birthday child's name printed on it, but I know that will get gasps when the card appears!
So many thanks for the great props!
All best wishes,
The other Sharon (Flossie) (alias Janette!)

* Latest Product Review  


Enchanted Tweezers
5 out of 5 stars Outstanding! - Sun Jun 29 21:39:56 2008
A Miser Dreamer's Dreamed Prop
Since getting the Wolf Classic Coin Ladder and Levent's “Ultimate Guide to the Miser Dream” DVD, I have been on the lookout for related props or gaffs to enhance this classic effect. Colin Rose of Five of Hearts has released an ingenious, beautifully crafted, solid brass tweezers to make a coin repeatedly appear on its tips and give the perfect illusion of the coin dropping into a container, with convincing sound effect.

The tweezers are heavy duty, measure close to 10 inches, and the method will intrigue you as it did me. The handle has the Five of Hearts trademark beautifully engraved on the handle. Though the tweezers are available mainly in American Half dollars or Euros, I believe, I challenged Colin to custom build one using a 1921 Morgan silver dollar I mailed him. This makes the prop useable with my Wolf Coin Ladder. He came through and it's a prop I am most proud to own…I am always nervous when I get a new effect for my collection, fearing it will not meet my stubborn picky taste.

There are certainly minor angle issues, especially with the heavier dollar coin, but easily overcomed with a different handling than found in the instructions. It is quite entertaining and magical to practice in front of a large mirror. Seeing that coin suddenly appear as if caught out of the air is astonishing.

Most highly recommended!!

(G.Guerra U.S.A.)

'Chinese Chop Sticks'                 *HOT ITEM*

Another SELL OUT SUCCESS at The NMU Dutch Magic Congress ...

"Colin , this is a huge leap forward in 'Coin Magic' as we know it, and a major breakthrough in 'Coin Production' I love the new system and it has great performance potential, creative and exciting...I love it!"

Piet Forton (Switzerland)

Another winner from Colin Rose

I RECENTLY GAVE YOU DETAILS  about an excellent item from Colin Rose- a pair of tweezers with which you can reach into the air and produce endless silver coins which are then visibly dropped into a metal beaker. As you would expect from Colin the mechanics and subtlety are excellent but I am delighted to see that he has taken the effect a stage further and developed a great,  improved presentation that points to his long career in show business in theatres and cabarets around the world.

The new version is a pair of Chinese chopstickswith which you reach into the air and produce a coin at the tips. It can be dollars, euros, sterling, you have a choice and then the coin is dropped into a beaker bearing a Chinese symbol. The effect can be repeated ad infinitum and at the conclusion you can show the beaker completely empty the coins having now vanished.

The mechanics are the same as the tweezers but those of you who are more aware of presentation will recognise the outstanding patter possibilities with this new version with a Chinese flavour. Whether you do stand up magic or kid’s shows I predict this will be another winner from Colin Rose at Five of Hearts Magic.

Andy Martin
Spicewood TX
MINE (2003 Edition)
Very Good - Tue Feb 24 19:13:55 2004
Beautiful Wood and Funny Routine!
This is my sort of magic these days. It's made with very nice props that are small and pretty much indestructable. There are no electronics or things to remember or any real set up. And the price is very reasonable.

The routine has great comedy potential and no tricky moves. Instead of just handing out 5 envelopes and you win the one with the $20 bill in as with the usual Bank Night type effect, you have some fun with it. You show these 5 "Turned Discs" that you give the audience the chance to win some cash with. Through a seemingly fair sequence of eliminations you end up with the last remaining disk. It uses a known technique that I have personally never seen or used before, and it works very well.

What makes this different is the way in which you first reveal what each specator won and then what you finally have won. You're entertaining them with these lines directly related to the words written on each disc, and then wow them at the end as you split open your Disc and pocket the cash!

I received 'Loose Change' today from you and I would just like to say that it is absolutely superb, I am really chuffed with this, nowadays a lot of the magic out there is hyped to death and massively overpriced, this was a steal at £55, really beautifully made and I can't wait to add it to my act.
I have never written a letter like this before but I was so happy with this product I felt I had to.
I have also put a very positive review on Magic Bunny, I will be ordering more stuff from you in the future.
Good service too.
All the best....
Chris Congreave (May 2008)


I just received my Harbin Table today and I must say it is absolutely terrific! A lovely piece of work and beautifully made.

Many Thanks

Joe Daly (April 2008)

"My Favourite Magic Dealer Worldwide Today... A few contenders: Bob King,Wayne Dobson,Mark Mason,Viking, Ton Onosaka,Bazar de Magia & Joe favourite however, has to be Colin & Sharron Rose's Five of Hearts Magic.Colin's superb craftsmanship with wood and Sharron Rose's acute business sense,coupled with their genuine love of magic, their warmth and charm,puts them at the top of my tree. Their time and exhaustive effort is devoted to advancing magic as an art form through their exquisite merchandise. Magic needs more people like them!"

Dear Sharron, 
 Just to let you know that I received my close-up draw today safe and sound. Please send my thanks on to Colin for doing such a fantastic job on not only creating something that I know I will cherish and enjoy using for many years to come but something that I will eventually be able pass on for future generations of my family to enjoy. Hope to see you both at this years Bristol Day of Magic if you are able to attend.

Thanks again
Colin Poole (March 2008)

  "...I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the excellent personal service you have afforded are a credit to the magic profession and it is very much appreciated.


Best wishes,
(Bill Dale March 2008)

 Baffle Box *Product Review
Outstanding! - Sat Mar 8 19:56:46 2008
Masterful Woodwork and Very Deceptive Too!
Colin Rose makes some amazing magic and this item is no exception. It is a little box, but it works beautifully. You can very cleanly show it all round and then tip it over to show it empty inside, and yet in an instant the box can be full!
Due to it's size there are very few angle issues with this item since the hands can easily shield them.
Colin Rose (and Five of Hearts Magic) is probably making the best wooden items available today.
(Andy Martin USA)

 Cameroon Ball Vase *Product Review
Outstanding! - Sat Apr 21 18:40:26 2007
Turned Magical Art Beyond Comparison
Can a magical apparatus leave you speechless on first sight? Very few are that good. I have always been an admirer of apparatus built from fine exotic woods. There is just something about the color, grain, and feel of wood in an apparatus with magical qualities. Two people come to mind in this category...Mel Babcock and Alan Warner. Now, take a big step towards Art worthy in a collection of any fine art gallery or museum and these vases from Five of Hearts Magic take center stage. The artists behind these unbelievable vases are Colin Rose and Paul Coker.
The Cameroon Collection is a new series to be available later this year with its hallmark being that all its pieces will be turned from the finest African Padauk. This Ball Vase stands 7 inches and is the First Issue Ball Vase in this Collection...a gesture from Sharron Rose, Colin's wife, after a query I sent her a few weeks ago. She responded by moving forward the plan to add this vase to the Cameroon Collection, which already had released a chop cup and set of cups & balls with matching wand. The vase is so gorgeous and flawless, I have no words to describe my enthusiasm when I first saw it. The base has an Ebony hallmark with a five of hearts playing card engraved on it...beautiful!
As can be seen I have become a avid fan of this company's products. The pictures, I can assure you, only give you a "glimpse" of the quality craftsmanship that goes into these vases.
Most highly recommended...wood magic just doesn't get any better
(G.Guerra USA)

Boxed Magic Set *Product Review
Outstanding! - Sat Dec 22 16:31:14 2007
What a treat from Colin Rose!
Love wooden magic apparatus as many may know and this gorgeous boxed set of fourteen magical pieces is the perfect Christmas present I gave to myself. This will be the third English boxed set of magic in my collection...the first two being the Millennium Collection and the Egyptian Collection, both by Alan Warner...impressive magic coming from our British friends. This set has that Victorian or turn of the century look to it, which I always find admirable to look at, if anyone has seen those antique sets on auction.
Many exotic woods are present in this set. I recognize Amarillo, African Blackwood, Purple Heart, Cocobolo, Padauk, and not sure of the others. The box itself has a beautiful grain...looks like Sapele to me, because of the characteristic sheen to the grain. The brass Five of Hearts disc in the lower left corner is a lovely touch.
The effects range from classical to modern with many sold individually on the Five of Hearts Magic site. You definitely get a bargain getting the whole collection as a whole. The instructions come neatly packed in their signature red corduroy bag. As usual, the craftsmanship is SUPERB throughout. This is definitely one of those items that photographs just don't give it justice.

Overall, I am one very happy guy and anyone who collects magic should seriously consider this for their collection.
(G.Guerra USA)

 Victorian Coin Vase *Product Review
Outstanding! - Tue Nov 8 16:48:13 2005
Beautifully turned magical heirloom
Colin Rose has released a series of "old fashioned" magic apparatus under his Victorian Collection banner with the intricacies and artistic appeal of a long forgotten era where attention to details by the craftsmen of the time made these items museum quality pieces to be cherished over generations. This is a lost art as it requires skill and patience.
The Coin Vase is probably his best effort for the price. It's based on the ball vase method, but done with a coin. No instructions are included as the apparatus is open to the performer's imagination.
It's really a beautiful hand turned vase made from African Blackwood with white bone accents and protected in an English Oak chest that is a beauty in itself to match the apparatus inside. The only woodwork of this quality that I have seen is the very, and I mean very, expensive special handturned items from Owen Magic.
(G.Guerra USA)

 A Recent Quote about Five of Hearts Magic...from our Good Friend & Magic Mentor....Wayne Dobson
"Today’s purchase is tomorrow’s investment. Magic for the discerning professional. In a word, Beautiful! "

Finally,  a replacement for the late Gil Leaney and England’s answer to John Gaughan.  Colin Rose is already internationally known and respected for his professional approach to magic and the quality and craftsmanship of his props in the Five of Hearts Magic business he runs with his wife, Sharron.  Now, Colin has decided to expand his illusion work and accept commissions and orders for the building of original and other illusions.  Recently,  I was lucky enough to have Colin build a new piece of apparatus for myself and the finish, construction  and durability is more than evident but what really impressed me was the interest, dedication and time spent to produce something perfect that looks good, feels good and is good at a fair and reasonable cost.  I can unreservedly recommend him to anyone wanting the best in the business, something that will give many lifetimes of professional use.  Thank you, Colin and Sharron.   
Tim Dill-Russell,   International Illusionist & Escape Artist. (March 2008).

A Recent E-Mail from our good friend in Magic Paul Kieve..."Hoffman Coin Wand"
 Hi Colin
I used one of your coin wands last week on the BBC show ‘I’d Do Anything’training the ‘Oliver’s to do magic!  Here's a couple of pictures from the show – which they performed for me and Andrew Lloyd Webber!
I have to say it was a testament to the quality and strength of the coin wand that it didn’t break with the hammering the kids put it through!  Glad it made it into the show.
All the best to you both
(Paul Kieve)

 Orange & Rice Vase *Product Review
5 out of 5 stars Outstanding!- Sun Apr 20 21:10:06 2008
Big and Beautiful!
This vase caught my attention when it was first advertised on the Five of Hearts Magic site, but I held back from buying it till finally giving in recently. Now that I have it, I am glad it is in my collection. Many will recognize this as part of a larger effect and apparatus: "Rice, Orange, and Checkers". Though a classic, I much prefer a simpler transposition and this vase is a beautiful start. Not sure if I care for the checkers in the overall effect.

Made from gorgeous African Sapele, this wood has an amazing lustrous wavy pattern to its grain that seem to shimmer as your eyes scan across the wood. The vase has many fine delicate details and several pyrographic accents, clearly a product of the finest turning skills on a lathe. I have said this before, but there is no better craftsman with the lathe than Colin Rose and C.Paul Coker of Five of Hearts Magic.

The vase stands tall at 12 1/2 inches with 4 inches at the widest. The mechanism is smooth and blended well into the interior of the vase that the vase can be casually shown after the vanish of the rice, without arousing any suspicion.

Most highly recommended!
(G.Guerra USA)


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